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      Hadcon is providing services for embedded systems, which are used for different controlling

      industrial products based on microprocessors and microcontrollers

      for example motion control devices, programming logic controllers,

      industrial signal controlling devices, approximate sensors.

      We are also providing both hardware and software design containing

      Freescale, Intel, Microchip embedded devices and the developing different  software drivers

      for hardware resources as well.



      Real time module for Windows 8/7/XP


      Hadcon Real time module (RTM) allows to create real time Windows applications for industrial measurement

      and control systems . In difference from existing real time extentions , this module allows to build in timer functions

      in usual Win32 applications in Visual C++ environment and  to make out them in the form of the DLL a file.



      Embedded systems


       In general, the embedded domain projects performed by Hadcon are oriented
       toward the device control , data acquisition and communication of CNC systems, industrial processes, high voltage

       transformer sub-stations, gas-heating and oil fuel stations.

       Hadcon's embedded team has gained professional skills on implementing of various microcontrollers, microprocessors ,

       associated OS ,software tools and developing of high performance hardware and software embedded products.

       Embedded C & SoftPLC 32-bit compiler  (x86 ) for Windows CE  , Windows compact embedded



       Hadcon was formed for the purpose of offering software and hardware development

       services to the high technology industry.

       Hadcon provides both efficient and unsophisticated hardware  and software design for

       industrial embedded systems.

       Hadcon hardware are based on:

       Intel 8032,Intel X86

       Freescale Cortex-M0+/M4 microcontrollers

       Microchip PIC

       Altera FPGA

       architectures for its embedded design requirements .

       We can provide you with a full range of services including functional

       specifications and requirement documentation, schematics, layout, prototype

       manufacturing and testing.

       Hadcon's design team reviews current technology to provide the clients  with optimal

       software and hardware solution for customer embedded requirements.






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