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By Hadcon Microsystems was developed different software and hardware for industrial control devices

and CNC systems:


Embedded C & SoftPLC compiler

Given design is meant to create software environment for system management of industrial
equipment and technological processes built on the basis of industrial PC with the opportunity of
binding to various OS (Windows CE ,RTLinux, QNX, etc.)
While managing sophisticated technological process it is often required to simultaneously solve a
large number of "fast" (arrxly 1ms) tasks, which is quite complicated in the majority of
programming languages built on the basis of an interpretator. In some instances the capacity of 32-
proccessor is not enough to run semi-complex programs.
While developing this language we had in mind that it should mainly focus on managing technological
process, i.e. standard discrete and analog inputs, etc. are considered as variables. In addition to

standard registering of componentry of the language as clauses we also plan development of language

componentry graphical representation in the form of LD (Ladder Diagram) or relay logic that easy is

to understand by workshop personnel.

Developing the motion control board hardware.

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